Tennis is Elementary

If you are a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader you can sign-up for Tennis is Elementary. The program is 1hr after school for 8 days, it costs $7 to join and we will provide tennis racquets, balls, and nets. All you need to do is bring your permission slip back by Thursday morning to secure your spot. The 1st 25 people who sign-up will be guaranteed a spot in the program.


Running, Running and more Running!

Bobcats you are amazing! In the month of October you ran 24, 716 laps around the track that is 6,179 miles, wow I am so impressed. You all did an amazing job supporting Van Buren and trying to help us win the Mayor’s Challenge. Regardless of whether we win or not we are so proud of the effort you put forth during the 16 days we ran.

The dot on the left is us in Caldwell, Idaho and the dot on the right is Rome, Italy that is how far we ran as a school! We will continue to run in the morning starting next week! I can’t wait to see how far we make it by the end of the year! I bet we can make it around the world if we keep working hard!

Mayors Challenge

We are getting to the end of the month and wrapping up our first ever Mayors Challenge. Bobcats you are doing such an amazing job of walking, jogging and running around the track during your recesses and P.E. I am so excited to read off all the names each day we have making it to each milestone. With 3 days to go we have run over 4,000 miles, if you were to look at a map and we started running in Caldwell we would be somewhere in the Atlantic ocean almost to London, England. WOW! Keep up the great work Bobcats I can’t wait to see how far we go by Halloween.

Fitness Night!

This Friday it is Fitness Night at Caldwell High School. Everyone is invited to come and exercise with their families and then enjoy the Homecoming football game that evening. Fitness Night is from 4:30-6:30pm and will feature a variety of activities for you and your family to participate. If you have any questions please ask Mr. Jones! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Welcome Back!

The summer is winding down and I’m excited to see all your smiling faces as you come into the building next week. Most the things will stay the same, however we will be adding a new component to P.E. this year and that is Fitness Fridays! Usually on Fridays you will be coming to P.E. for the second time that week so we will focus on a different component of fitness each week. Sometimes it might be Yoga (flexibility, muscular endurance), sometimes it could be CrossFit (cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength, & muscular endurance). What ever it is be prepared to work hard and have fun sweating!

Congratulations Andrew!

Andrew Solorio was the 1st Bobcat EVER to reach 100 on his Pacer Test. He has worked hard to achieve this goal and was extremely excited to accomplish this feat. Mrs. Wells class was so supportive as they watched and cheered him on; when he finished they rushed to him like he was their hero! Andrew you are an incredible athlete and person; you inspire so many people each day with your kindness and work ethic. I’ve been lucky to have you be a student and look forward to attending my first game at Duke when you get there. 

5th and 6th grade Ski and Ride Free Program

This is a great program for all the 5th graders who are interested in learning how to ski or snowboard this year. You will see a link below to sign up for this program you get to ski or snowboard for free at any of these locations up to 3 times. You also get discounts on lessons and rentals, if you want to learn how to go down the mountain than this program is for you. Check out the link below for more information.


Fitness Path

I’m so excited that our fitness path is done. It will be a great way for us stay moving during recess and P.E. We will be starting a program where you can earn prizes by logging miles on the path. Every 4 laps is 1 mile, and you will be able to earn prizes for 5, 25, 50, 75, 100 miles!

Fitness Night!

Next Tuesday October 28th is our 3rd annual Fitness Night. This year we will be at Caldwell High School from 6-8pm! Please bring your family to this free event and test your fitness against your family members! Let’s show people how awesome Van Buren Elementary is.image (2)